Artibus et Historiae no. 80 (XL)

2019, ISSN 0391-9064

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ANCHISE TEMPESTINI - The Bellini Painters Family: Amendments and New Facts (pp. 25–33)

According to historical sources, it seems that the Venetian Bellini painters family takes its origin from Trogir on the Croatian coast, not far from Spalatum (Split). The painter Jacopo Bellini was a son of Nicolò Bellini, as was his illegitimate brother Giovanni, a painter and probably illuminator, who left Venice after 1440 and is documented in Ferrara where he died in 1460; his signed Coronation of the Virgin is in the local Pinacoteca Nazionale. According to an article by Daniel W. Maze in Renaissance Quarterly (2013), the painter Giovanni Bellini, son of Jacopo Bellini and brother of the painter Gentile Bellini, did not exist, even though he is amply documented. Giovanni Bellini would have been born, according to Maze, not earlier than 1424 and maybe in 1428, when his father Nicolò, who is recorded in 1424, was already dead. But on the contrary, the painter Giovanni Bellini, son of Jacopo Bellini, was born between 1429 and 1440, died in 1516, and was an illegitimate son of his father and a woman of the Vendramin family.

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