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Advertising in Artibus et Historiae is the ideal way to reach potential collectors and museum curators who figure significantly on our roster of subscribers. Our issues are consistently referenced by:

Elegant and lasting, Artibus et Historiae is presented twice a year in a square, hardcover format which emphasizes its visual content. The clear layout of our journal allows the reader quick orientation with advertisements appearing at the back of each issue immediately after authors’ biographies and article abstracts – usually the first place of reference for our readers. In the coming issue, Artibus et Historiae will present a more streamlined version of its classic format, improving the finish on the covers and harmonizing minute elements of its interior layout.

Physical characteristics:

Technical information

Please send high resolution (300 dpi) PDF or .EPS suitable for printing to with “advertising submission” in the subject line. Our graphic designers can also provide layout and design services custom tailored to suit your requirements. Please contact our office for pricing and more information.

Deadlines: All advertising copy must be supplied two months prior to publication. Please contact our office for current deadlines.

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