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Please send orders by e-mail to:, or by post to

IRSA S.C. Plac Matejki
7/8 PL31-157

Please state precisely the issues’ nos., year(s), the invoicing address and the final recipient’s address, if different from the invoicing address. We will send you a pro-forma invoice by e-mail and books will be shipped only after the full payment has been made. Please state clearly whether your subscription is a standing order or is entered for one year only. A subscription can be started at any time of the year. Backstart of a subscription is possible.

Orders from Institutions in the EU should be accompanied by their VAT ID number (otherwise, 22% VAT will be added to the invoice). This condition applies to EU countries only.

Download Artibus et Historiae Subscription Rates for 2011

You can also order books securely from this website:

1. To order a book, choose one and click on the ADD TO CART button.

2. If you wish to purchase more than one book please click on UPDATE button.

3. Click NEXT and fill an on-line form. ATTENTION! Type the text from the picture under the on-line form correctly.

4. After choosing NEXT button you can evaluate your order. If your ordering data is entered correctly click on ORDER button.

5. After submitting your order appears an information about e-mail has just been sent to you. To confirm your order click the link specified in the e-mail. The link is valid for 12 hours. After this time your order is cancelled.


For institutional subscribers Artibus et Historiae is available online through JSTOR (for details, see IRSA does not manage the online access. Please be aware that 6 most recent issues of the journal are NOT available online (due to a 3-year moving wall).


Claims should be made as soon as possible and are honoured within 6 months of the date of sending the books to the recipient. All correspondence regarding subscription, claims and customer service should be sent to the address given above. No cancellations once the payment has been made; no refunds. If a standing order/subscription has been entered, it can be cancelled only if we hear from the subscriber well in advance (not later than at the end of the previous calendar year — by October 30th).


Payment is to be made exclusively in EUROS by:

Please note that we will charge you for postage and packing depending on your location and type of order.

If you have any questions about an order that you placed through this website please write an e-mail on:

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