Artibus et Historiae no. 40 (XX)

1999, ISSN 0391-9064

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ALBERT CHÂTELET - Jean de Pestinien in the Service with Philip the Good and His Prisoner King René

Recent discoveries in archives allow to precise some facts from the life and carrier of a miniature painter Jean Ie Pestinien (about 1395—1464),
active in Paris before 1427, then working in Dijon, and in the years 1441—1446 being in the service with Philip the Good (presumably in Flanders) — to come back finally again to Dijon. Thanks to a record of payment for two miniatures added to the Grandes Heures de Philippe le Hardi (Fitzwilliam Museum) he may be identified with an anonymous Master of Augustinus of Chevrot (Brussells, Bibliothèque royale), who at the same time is the author of four miniatures appended to the Heures du Roi René(British Library, Ms. Egerton 1070) in the years 1435—1436. He must have started his carrier in the studio of Jan van Eyck; his hand was also traced in some of the miniatures in the Heures de Turin and de Milan-Turin (1422—1424).

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