Artibus et Historiae no. 2 (I)

1980, ISSN 0391-9064

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JÓZEF GRABSKI - «Mundus Amoris-Amor Mundus». Titian's Allegory of Love in the Louvre

This iconographic study deals mainly with the changes and elaboration of the symbol of the sphere in Renaissance times. Broadening, but with reservations, Erwin Panofsky's opinions on the picture in the Louvre, for the author the main symbolism in Titian's allegory of love is that of amor mundus, of pure and noble love, as typified in the world of marital love.

It is thus mundus amoris which is an opposition to the medieval concept of the contemptus mundi - the disdain of worldly things. The coherence of the pure world of the marital virtues is shown by means of an ingenious composition of forms, depicting at the same time an internal coherence of meanings. Marital mundus amoris appears as amor mundus.

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