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Studies in Medieval Iconography. Collected Essays 1962–2011
Piotr Skubiszewski

Cracow 2021
286 x 221 mm, 768 pages
laminated hardback, 516 illus. including 321 in colour
ISBN 978-83-89831-41-5

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The present volume brings together a collection of thirteen articles, written in French, German and English, originally published between 1962 and 2011, devoted to different ways in which ecclesiastical teaching shaped the art of medieval Latin Europe, a theme that has preoccupied the author for his entire scholarly career. His main area of interest have been works of art (in particular liturgical vessels and manuscripts) with unique iconographies unprecedented in the history of art – such that included rarely explored motifs or peculiar arrangements of scenes, known only from a single pictorial cycle. 

 Since their initial publication various issues addressed in the papers have benefitted from new art historical research. Many of the works of art analysed or briefly commented on in these publications, have been recently reconsidered and discussed in detail by other scholars, often in separate monographs. The author has attempted to provide a selection from the now vast, pertinent literature in the references to individual articles included in the present volume.


Piotr Skubiszewski (born in 1931) studied art history at the University of Poznań where he was awarded a doctorate in 1958. He was a lecturer at the University of Poznań from 1953 to 1963, professor at Warsaw University from 1967 to 2001 and at Poitiers University from 1981 to 1999, visiting professor at Uppsala University in 1967 and at Kansas University in 1975. He has also lectured at a number of European, American and Canadian universities and in Israel. He is the author of some 270 articles and books mostly on late Gothic sculpture, early medieval art in Latin Europe, early medieval and Romanesque minor arts and illuminated manuscripts, medieval iconography and methodology of art history. He is a member of the Polish Academy of Sciences and of a number of other European academic societies.








• Über die „Grenzen“ in der Frühmittelalterforschung. Der „Becher“ von Włocławek

• L’intellectuel et l’artiste face à l’œuvre à l’époque romane

Maiestas Domini et liturgie

• La place de la Descente aux Enfers dans les cycles christologiques du Moyen Âge

Ecclesia, Christianitas, Regnum et Sacerdotium dans l’art des Xe et XIe siècles. Idées et structures des images

• Le trumeau et le linteau de Moissac : un cas de symbolisme médiéval

• Une Annonciation à deux anges à Issoire

• La Croix et les griffons. À propos d’un tympan roman de Wiślica

• Deux consoles chartraines : Le maître d’œuvre et son « patron » devant le Jugement Dernier

• Un manuscrit peint de la Vita Radegundis conservé à Poitiers. Les idées hagiographiques de Venance Fortunat et la spiritualité monastique du XIe siècle

• Une Vita sancti Martini illustrée de Tours. Tours, Bibliothèque Municipale, ms. 1018

• Die Bildprogramme der romanischen Kelche und Patenen

• The Iconography of a Romanesque Chalice from Trzemeszno

• La patène de Kalisz. Contribution à l’étude du symbolisme typologique dans l’iconographie



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