Artibus et Historiae no. 78 (XXXIX)

2018, ISSN 0391-9064

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FRANCESCA COCCHIARA - Giulio Carpioni and Francesco Ruschi’s Links with Vicenza through the Engravings by Giovanni Georgi and Giacomo Ruffoni (pp. 155–169)

The present paper sheds new light on the activity of the peintre-graveurs Giulio Carpioni and Francesco Ruschi, overlooked in recent scholarly literature. From 1630 Carpioni worked as book illustrator in collaboration with publishers (e.g. Giacomo Amadio), cartographers (e.g. Pietro Michieli) and engravers, particularly Giovanni Georgi. To Georgi was also connected Ruschi on at least one occasion, but the painter collaborated more extensively with the pupil of Georgi, Giacomo Ruffoni, originally from Trento and active as both illustrator and engraver. In 1653 Ruffoni, for example, made a print after Ruschi’s Saint John the Evangelist, formerly in the church of the Reformed Franciscans in Vicenza and now lost. The connection between the two illustrators and their links with the cultural and publishing network, with particular emphasis on the involvement of Carpioni and Ruschi, offer a new insight and understanding of the artistic and cultural context of seventeenth-century Vicenza.

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