Artibus et Historiae no. 9 (V)

1984, ISSN 0391-9064

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SAUL LEVINE - Michelangelo's Marble David and the Last Bronze David: The Drawings

The discussion includes the drawings associated with the marble David and the lost bronze David. There is an occasional departure from conventionally accepted attributions to given projects. An example is the sketch of David and the head of Goliath on the well-known Louvre sheet, 714 recto, long connected with the lost bronze David, which is, instead, Michelangelo's first visualization of the marble David. A drawing, assigned by Hartt to St. Lorenzo, Florence, as a study for a sculptured St. Lawrence, is actually a drawing for the lost bronze David. Another drawing, traditionally accepted as a rendering of the Apollo Belvedere, is, instead, a fighting young David. Four other drawings have been reassigned, as applicable, to the two Davids. The drawings have been placed in the context of an iconographic consistency proceeding from a study of the political aspects of the marble David.

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