Artibus et Historiae no. 7 (IV)

1983, ISSN 0391-9064

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ZYGMUNT WAZBIŃSKI - Adriaen de Vries and his School in Prague. His Contribution to Spreading Florentine Academic Art in Europe at the End of the 16th and the Beginning of the 17th Centuries

The subject of this study is a very little known bas-relief by Adrian de Vries, executed in 1614 for Franciscus Ursinus bishop of Wrocław, representing the Martyrdom of St. Vincent. The main question posed by the author is: how has the sculptor carried out in this work the aims of the Counterreform (this sculpture was ordered by an alumnus of the Collegium Germanicum in Rome), and what are the signs of Florentine academic training (keeping in mind Sandrart's information on de Vries' academic training during his stay in Florence). The conclusion the author comes to is: the Martyrdom of St. Vincent in Wrocław is a very important example of Florentine academic art principles spread to central Europe.

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