Artibus et Historiae no. 49 (XXV)

2004, ISSN 0391-9064

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FRANCESCA FABBRI - Genoese Marble in the South of France — French Sculptors in Genoa: New Elements for the Artistic Biography of Honoré Pellé (Gap 1641—Genoa 1718)

The lively artistic exchange of marble objects between Liguria and the French Provence that took place throughout the Baroque age had its centre of distribution in Genoa and its centre of reception in Marseille. Various sculptors from both regions travelled to and from the two parts of the Mediterranean, looking for new artistic conditions and working opportunities. Artistic biography of Honoré Pellé has to be seen in this context. Born in 1641 in the French Dauphiné region, he moved to Genoa in 1672, most likely after a period of apprenticeship in Rome. In Genoa he put up a flourishing workshop that produced sculpture for the local nobility and clergy as well as for the great European courts. In the artistic climate strongly influenced by the works of Pierre Puget, Pellé distinguishes himself with a production in various materials (marble, wood, bronze) that emphsizes the surfaces and recalls the model of classical Rome.

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