Artibus et Historiae no. 32 (XVI)

1995, ISSN 0391-9064

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MARCEL G. ROETHLISBERGER - From Goffredo Wals to the Beginnings of Claude Lorrain

The article analyses five small paintings of Wals (ca. 1590/95 - ca. 1638/40) [Figs. 1-5], and suggest the chronology leading from the circle of Pynas and Tassi to the round curvings and to the architectural compositions of the 1630s. The impact on his disciple Claude Lorrain is visible in the canvas of the latter.

The study of the early years of Lorrain touches also his oeuvre gravé and curved reproductions of his friend Barriere, one of which [Fig. 9] certifies the picture that might be the work of Lorrain of ca. 1627 [Fig. 11]. This painting, depending on Bril and de Tassi, is compared with other early works of Lorrain. The lecture of the sources, among others Sandrart and Baldinucci, indicates the date of birth of Lorrain to ca. 1600, his arrival to Rome to ca. 1616-1619, the departure for Naples to the end of the year 1620, and the practice under de Tassi to 1622-25. The other picture [Fig. 20] in different manner can be dated back to the beginnings of Lorrain.

In the appendix two pastoral compositions of 1646 are discussed.

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