Artibus et Historiae no. 5 (III)

1982, ISSN 0391-9064

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MAURIZIO MARINI - Documents and Paintings: Cavaliere Giovanni Baglione and His Ā«Guardian AngelĀ» Tommaso Salini Figure Painter. Some Recovered Works

In the course of investigation on Caravaggesque paintings the author has come upon some hitherto unknown paintings by Giovanni Baglione, painter and biographer of other artists, his contemporaries. Of these paintings up to now thought to be lost, some were mentioned in the biography of Baglione himself (Vita del Cavalier Gio. Baglione, Pittore, Rome 1642, pp. 401-405) for example St. Martin and the Poor Man, previously in the possession of the Sisters in the Church of San Silvester in Rome and St. Peter and St. Paul, previously in the Sala del Concistoro in the Vatican; other were actually signed like Christ Frees Magdalene of the Demons. At the same time more was found out about the personality of one of Baglione's closest followers, so close as to be nicknamed his "guardian angel". We mean Tommaso Salini, he too of the first generation in Roman Naturalism originating from Caravaggio, even if, for reasons not gone into here, Salini often keeps his distance from the movement. The recovery of a painting documented by Baglione himself, the standard of the SS. Quattro Coronati has allowed us furthermore to reconstruct partly (along with the identifying of other works) his lesser known and less confident activity as a figure painter as compared with his more interesting activity as a still life painter.

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